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Thermal insulations of new generation

Microfibrous webs for thermal insulations SAXIMA are made from 100% polypropylene. They can be used for Sportswear, Gloves and Accessories.

SAXIMA thin microfibrous thermal insulations are not moisture absorbing, they absorb less than 1% of water. These webs retain their insulating ability in damp conditions and they are dried very quickly. They are washable up to 40OC. Their excellent properties are not lost after many washings, far from it these webs are even softer after the washing. The contractility is less than 3% in both directions.

Thermal insulations SAXIMA are less air permeable than other standard thermal insulations from PES fibres, but in spite of that they are vapor permeable. The relative vapor permeability is in the range of 84 - 100% ( tested by using static test method). The thermal parametres of SAXIMA webs are two times effective in user thermal comfort stabilizing when are compared with the standard polyester insulations.

Thermal insulations SAXIMA are offered as three- and two-layered composites. Three-layered textiles have a thin PP web on both sides of composite, which protect the microfibre layer inside. These types are marked with code SMSO. Two-layered composites have only one protecting layer and are marked with code SMO. These kind of material is suitable for combining with another type of lining or with waterproof membranes. Microfibrous thermal insulations SAXIMA could be produced in different grammages. The webs are offered in width of 100 cms on cores of 76 cms inside diameter. The most popular is SMSO 5147 as following.


Code Product decription Basic weight (g/m2) Areal heat transfer resistance (m2K/W) Areal heat transfer ressistance after 5 washing cycles at 40oC (m2K/W) Relative vapor permeability  (%)
SMSO 5147  Melt blown/ Spun bond / Melt blown composite 17/80/17 87 x 10-3 90 x 10 -3 95


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