Universal Grey SS Perforated Sheets

Universal Grey SS Perforated Sheets


Special Absorbents Spillsoft

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Spillsoft very sophisticated composite, where the micro fibrous meltblown layer is covered by a special double-layer. It was developed as an alternative to surface sorbents comprised of one main sorption layer and two cover - MMM - fine fibers. In comparison with it Spillsoft achieves 16% higher absorption capacity has half faster resorption and has very good strength properties, improved by more than 33%. In comparison with conventional SM material excels again up to a third higher absorption capacity and a high strength material.
Excellent helper for servicing and maintenance of machinery and equipment.
Spillsoft materials sorbs on an intermediate basis in an average of 16 L / kg SAE 10W / 40 and in case of water sucks average of 10 l / kg of sorbent.

  • Dimensions 50 x 40cm
  • Qty 100
  • Absorbency 53 Litres
  • Packaging Polywrapped

Material Data Sheet

AW SS 240

Material Safety Data Sheet

ECOSTAR hydrophilic sorbent