Universal Grey Emergency Spill Kit

Universal Grey Emergency Spill Kit


Emergency Spill Kits in Transparent Bags 15-60 litres

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Most basic emergency kits in our range. Transparent PVC or PE bags enable immediate control of content. Bags are highly portable. The kits contain rapidly sucking hard cuts and absorption snakes and pillows for immediate use. Ecostar emergency kits are designed to be able to quickly and efficiently dispose of various types of accidents and leaks.
They contain rapidly sucking sorption role, MINIROL, blanks, coils, booms, pillows and other useful parts kits.
They come in various sizes from small portable kits for drippings to fifteen liters up to big rigs that are able to cope with major accidents up to 1100 liters of liquid.
Each type of those kits are designed in a universal, oil and chemical release.

  • Dimensions 50 x 40 x 12cm
  • Qty 1
  • Absorbency 15 Litres
  • Packaging PE Bag