Universal Grey Heavyweight SM Perforated Sheets

Universal Grey Heavyweight SM Perforated Sheets


Universal Absorbents SM

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Two-layer composite material combines the advantages of SM and M simple sorbent. By combining layers of meltblown / spunbond without spot thermo bonding composite achieves the same sorption properties as simple sorbents for the same strength and wear resistance. Another way of connection of the two layers ensures 100% of a usable absorption surface. Composite sleek design makes it a ground-breaking material.
Super SM likewise simple sorbents achieves highest rank of absorption SAE 10W / 40 in a volume of 13-16 l / kg of sorbent according to the basis weight of the sorbent. This sorbent sucks around 9 l of water per kg of sorbent.
Extended lifetime of this particular SM version is what makes it interesting for our customers. Ideal for use on floors around the production lines and maintenance. Designed to absorb water-based and oil-based fluids ideal for walkways and floor protection under production lines.
Bonded sorbents are manufactured in rolls, blanks, cask blankets.

  • Dimensions 50 x 40cm
  • Qty 100
  • Absorbency 70 Litres
  • Packaging Polywrapped

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