Oil Only White Lightweight Perforated Sheets

Oil Only White Lightweight Perforated Sheets


Oil Only Absorbents Plain

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They consist of one layer of micro fibrous nonwoven meltblown process. It is a high loft material, which together with the composite super SM has the highest rank of absorption SAE 10W / 40 in a volume of 18-20 l / kg of sorbent according to the basis weight of the sorbent. In the hydrophilic version sucks 10-11 l of water per kg of sorbent.
Simple sorbents are great help in disposing and preventing leakages of liquids from solid surfaces. Oil simple sorbents are used mainly for liquidation of oil spills on water. Designed to be used on high volume spills. They float on water. Excellent separating oil from water wherein the petroleum products retain the structure of the web. Even in case of full saturation still floats on water.
Excellent price ratio and performance not only ensure the absorption capacity of this type of material, but thanks to its characteristics you need much less of this product than you would with the classic inorganic sorbents. This fact affects the demand for storage space and disposal costs of sorbent in favor of textile sorbent ECOSTAR.
Simple sorbents are manufactured in rolls, blanks, cask blankets.

  • Dimensions 50 x 40cm
  • Qty 200
  • Absorbency 144 Litres
  • Packaging Polywrapped

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