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Ecotextil – 23 Years of Tradition

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Company name: ECOTEXTIL, s. r. o.
Company address: Horňátky 15, 277 11 Neratovice
IČO  Identification number: 48953890
DIČ - VAT number: CZ48953890
e-mail address:
Web sides:
Statutory representative of the company and companion:  Ing. Pavel Hubaty
Foundation: 26. 8. 1994
Company registration
Citizien Prague Judgement, number C/31252
Certification of registration: 045 Neratovice č. 14867/94/ R from 01.11.1994
Certification of EN 9001:2009: 1995 n. 62/2000 from 1. 11 2000,

The certificate is valid until : September 15 ,2018


Manufacturing programme:

PP manufacture of nonwoven meltblown textiles and relative fabrics.


Trade titles of the fabrics:

  • Microfibrous sorbents ECOSTAR
  • Filtration microfibrous webs MICROVAC
  • Thermal insulating webs SAXIMA


Ecotextil. s.r.o. is genuine Czech company having its own capital. Since the year 1992, an agent of the company have been disposing of a lot of know – how and selling experiences regarding nonwoven textiles.

Ecotextil, s.r.o. is the first company in Czech republic that has initiated producing of nonwoven textiles Melt blown .

The convenient situation regarding the distance from Prague – 20 kilometers to the north - makes the company easy reachable from the international Prague Ruzyně airport within one hour only and what more, getting to the city center takes about 30 minutes only. There´s a port in 12 kilometers distant Mělník that enable reaching Hamburg via the river Elbe. The important western german borders are situated up to 200 kilometers far from the company, which is another big advantage.

Ecotextil, s.r.o. has been taking advantages of more then 23 years lasting know – how at the full scale. We are used to taking part at prestige, regular international exhibitions INDEX and TECHTEXTIL.

Considering filtration sphere, we present our working results by lectures at regular international conferences. TANDEC in USA, INDEX Genéve, Nonwovens in filtration Stuttgart, Medical Filtration Stuttgart and many other symposiums belong among prestige international conferences we take part at.

Ecotextil, s.r.o. present itself via actual web pages. If you write down – nonwoven textiles – into a line finder, our web pages will appear immediately.Beside this, we use to usher references in Czech exporter´s Inform catalog. Furthermore, we increase becoming visible by short news items and also by articles in the most known and important magazines dealing with nonwoven textiles like NONWOVEN TEXTILES or NONWOVEN INDUSTRY.

In the year 1995, the owner of the company decided to establish and work out the work system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. The system was inaugurated into practice and in the year 2009 has been recertificated into a new form ISO 9001/2009.

Instantaneously, we find ourselves just before being certificated according to ISO 14001/1997 norm.

What the certification´s going to deal with is: PRODUCING OF NONWOVEN MELT BLOWN TEXTILES and relative fabrics.




▪ represent production of nonwoven textiles made of melt blown technology ( MB, M ) based on microfibrous formation by elongating of endless filament from molten polymer and that all happens due to hot air stream. As the result, microfibrous web of huge space between each fiber, fiber thickness and of specific structure is formed. All the mentioned properties predetermine the web for liquid and dangerous matter sorption sphere, then the web is used for filtration of enormously small elements occurring in the air – with high level of separation process – and for many other applications like thermal insulation and so on.

▪ production lines were delivered from Nordson Fibre Systems company ,of 1-meter width, of scale from 20 to 400 g/m2 broaden mass and with possibility to colour the web and additivation in the matter by antistatics, UV stabilizers, hydrophilic compounds or other additions that might be added to plastics.

▪ the principle Melt Blown product is possible to be combined with other kinds of nonwoven textiles like Spun Bond for example. Then we combine it with stabbing nonwoven textiles, impermeable foil and other layers in such way that resultant properties create sophisticated composition that dilate the spectrum of its application.

▪ another way how to convert Melt Blown is filling the final products for environmental protection, in form of booms, pillows and spill kits that sorp dangerous liquids.The organs of integrated rescuing system find this as use full and also ecologists work with the spill kits very often.

Executing of the waste, except for the dangerous ones

• nonstandard waste from nonwoven textiles or cellulose, delivered from other purveyors, is being used as admission raw material. This is for few kinds of filled fabrics assortment that may be used up as sorbents.
This activity is immediately connected with producing itself. Hence, it´s connected with certification too according to ISO 9001 /2000 and ISO 14 000.


Other items of business:

Producting of chemical substances and chemical preparations
Setting up profesional courses, teaching – in and other educative actions including lectoures activities.
Retail trading out of the reach of the decent workshops
Service arranging
Bargaining the goods in order to further sale and the sale except for trading crafts mentioned in the enclosure n. 455/91 Sb.

Products of Ecotextil, s.r.o. help to protect environment

and human health.

Reliability Partnership Quality