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About production


  • represent production of nonwoven textiles made of melt blown technology ( MB, M ) based on microfibrous formation by elongating of endless filament from molten polymer and that all happens due to hot air stream. As the result, microfibrous web of huge space between each fiber, fiber thickness and of specific structure is formed. All the mentioned properties predetermine the web for liquid and dangerous matter absorption. The web can also be used for filtration of enormously small elements occurring in the air – with high level of separation process – and for many other applications like thermal insulation etc.


  • production lines were delivered from Nordson Fibre Systems company, of 1-meter width, of scale from 20 to 400 g/m^2 broaden mass and with possibility to colour the web and additivation of antistatics, UV stabilizers, hydrophilic compounds or other additions to the matter that might be added to plastics.

  • the principle Melt Blown product is possible to be combined with other kinds of nonwoven textiles like Spun Bond for example. Then we combine it with perforated nonwoven textiles, impermeable foil and other layers in such way that its properties create sophisticated composition that expand the spectrum of its application.

  • another way how to use Melt Blown for environmental protection is making filled products - in form of booms, pillows and spill kits that absorb dangerous liquids. The emergency services find this useful as well as the ecologists, who work with the spill kits very often.

  • nonstandard waste from nonwoven textiles or cellulose, delivered from other suppliers, is being used as admission raw material for filled products used as absorbents.

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