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Since year 2000 certification ISO 9001:

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ECOTEXTIL, s. r. o.

Ing. Pavel Hubaty

26th August 1994

Municipal Court in Prague, number C/31252

045 Neratovice č. 14867/94/R from 01.11.1994

ISO 9001:2015

valid until 21.7.2024



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Quality policy


ECOTEXTIL is a manufacturer and seller of melt blown nonwovens with a long tradition. Long-term
know-how, innovative use of technology and knowledge in the field of nonwovens ranks ECOTEXTIL
among the leading and respected European microfiber fabric manufacturers.


Since its beginning, the company has been working with major universities not only in the Czech
Republic. We actively cooperate with manufacturers of other types of nonwovens, additives
suppliers and polymer manufacturers to improve the properties of microfibers in combination with
traditional nonwovens and nanofibers.


ECOTEXTIL plays an important role in the protection of work and the environment.


With its product portfolio and purposeful activity, the company has created a network of its
customers in more than 33 countries, not only in Europe but also on other continents.


The fineness of the fibers up to ten micrometers predetermines the use of textiles in sorption of
hazardous liquids and the filtration of fine dust particles smaller than one micron.


Thanks to the unique properties of microfiber webs, the main products are sorbent materials
ECOSTAR, then filtration technical textiles MICROVAC to produce respirators according to EN 142 and
filtration materials for various technical applications.


The goal of the company is sustainability of gradual technical development of the company and
introduction of automation in production, improvement of core systems and improvement of
professional level of company's employees.


Customer satisfaction continues to be in the business strategy through close collaboration and
systematic analysis of results and satisfaction.


The company's long-term economic goal is to increase production of flat products with higher added
value, focusing on medium and small businesses.


ECOTEXTIL is a holder of a quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001:


The company applies and maintains a quality system and continuously improves its efficiency. In its
activities it applies all basic principles of quality management. Our basic principle is customer
orientation in the process and the company's main philosophy is to deliver high-quality products
quickly. The company uses team-based process-oriented work. We compare our work with constant
monitoring of results. This leads our employees to partnership not only with the customer and


One of the main points of achieving company's goals is to consistently require the fulfillment of work
duties and to evaluate the measurability of performance and the method of remuneration of
employees to motivate them to improve performance.


Pavel Hubaty


Managing Director

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