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MICROVAC filtration media are PP microfibrous webs with specific structure which predestine them to be good filtration materials for air filtration. These materials are highly efficient while the pressure drop is lower compared with other types of textile filtration media. Besides they are permanently electrostatically charged to improve the filtration parameters, in particular the parameter of filtration efficiency.

​Filtration media MICROVAC are:

tested according to EN 143 norms

made from polypropylene and can be used up to temperature of 90ºC

produced in maximum width of 100 cm on core of 76 mm internal diameter​

MICROVAC filtration media can be used for production of:


industrial face masks

surgical face mask

vacuum cleaner bags

composite filter media for bag filters

air cabin filters

high efficiency filters

environmentally friendly

after using they can be incinerated without any toxic combustion products

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