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​Filtration media MICROVAC are:

tested according to EN 143 norms

made from polypropylene and can be used up to temperature of 90ºC

produced in maximum width of 100 cm on core of 76 mm internal diameter​

MICROVAC pro průmyslové polomasky - respirátory

MICROVAC pro ústní roušky

Filtration efficiency – FE-tested by EN 143, at face velocity 7,9 cm/s and loading of 120 mg of solid particles.

( FE (NaCl) - diam. of sample 11 cm and throughput of air of 45 l/min, FE (parafin) diam. of sample of 16 cm and throughput of air of 95 l/min).

We test our samples by ČSN EN 143 / A1 ( EN 143:2000/A1)  method at throughput of NaCl or Paraffine aerosol  of 95 l/min. The particle concentration is measured by photometer before and behind the filter. The test is finished while to the filter is loaded of 120 mg of tested aerosol. The filtration efficiency (FE) of tested sample have to keep minimally the values as follow:
The filter class P1 - 80%, the filter class P2 - 94% and the filter class P3 - 99,5%.  

Permeability of air at 100 Pa.

Pressure drop (∆p) at throughput of air of 95 l/min.

Bacterial filtration efficiency BFE by ASTM F2101-01.2001, procedure Nelson Lab. Nr.SOP/ARO/007 J.1

Charged by TANTRETTM Technology. U.S. Patent Nos.5.401.446 and 5.686.050